About Arcana Lacquer

Arcana Lacquer is an indie nail polish brand started by two friends with a common interest - unique and beautiful nails! We are located in Baltimore, Maryland and work out of our home creating magical shades for everyone to enjoy.

Our inspirations come from witchcraft, the occult, video games, books, movies, and music. We hope you find common interests with us and enjoy our polish creations! 💕


Hiya! I'm Abby your lover of all things witchy and unicorns. When I'm not working with differently-abled folks to secure job and educational opportunities, you'll find me playing games, listening to music, or reading a good book.

Finding the indie nail polish community has been the best thing I've ever done for my nails. They have always been bitten, short, and brittle. Now I can finally mix up my inspirations and wear them with confidence!

Favorites: Semi-sheer, Shimmer, Thermal, Pink, Purple


Hello, I am Brandi - resident cottagecore and earth tone enthusiast of Arcana Lacquer! I love all things sheer, shimmery, and GREEN. I teach elementary art by day and work in the nail polish mines at night!

I love color! Mixing different combinations and seeing what comes out is my favorite part of the process. As a recovering nail biter, nail polish has saved my hands and acts as a form of meditative self-care. I hope you include our creations in your self-care routine as well!

Favorites: Shimmer, Sheer, Flakies, Green, Earthy Tones, Neutrals